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Kristy x

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  • Colliewen

    Thanks Kirsty – missing you 🙂 first time in the on-line studio – love it. I will be back. It has taken me this long to get home, working from home and general life organisation in a place where I can now incorporate my pilates. Thank you.

  • closegirl81

    That was excellent. Thank you. I have tried other pilates workouts, but they seem to all have music imbedded into them and unwanted music/sound is the last thing I want when it is early morning/late night or when my children are also working along side of me. The ‘feel’ of the workout is just as important as the ‘moves’ and it was liberating not having music/sound take away from the relaxing of the workout.

    Thank you very much for your time and offering these classes for free.

    Kind regards,