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The Liberté Story

Having successfully run my first business, Flow Pilates, for the six years, between having my baby girls and managing a studio throughout Covid lockdowns, I decided it was time for a fresh start and an overall uplift of our Pilates offering to you…through that, Liberté Pilates emerged.

Liberté is a French word meaning ‘freedom’ and originally was the name chosen for our Pilates retreats we were about to start offering in Paris and the South of France, until international travel plans abruptly came to a halt for everyone. Hopefully, one day, these retreats will eventuate, but in the meantime, I realised freedom was the perfect meaning to describe exactly how Pilates makes you feel – it provides the freedom to move easily, feeling free in your body & mind and also being free from injury.

I believe everyone should have the freedom to do Pilates every day, which is why access to our Online Studio Mat classes are a single, one-off payment for full access to over 60 videos, with more videos added every week.

I wanted to create a space for you to learn that there is so much more to Pilates than just a work-out routine. My hope is that you can begin to see this in our classes and course offerings, which through regular use, will not only change your body and mind, but change your understanding of movement and how your body connects.

Kristy Moore and family
My Story

My name is Kristy and I am firstly a mum to three beautiful little girls. I have also been a teacher of Pilates since 2003. I was introduced to Pilates by a physio when I was working in London as a personal trainer. Part of my job required me to stretch between 5-10 clients daily after taking them through their workout sessions, which took a toll on my body as lots of the smaller muscles started tearing. I wasn’t ‘using my core’. At first this didn’t make much sense to me but after regular Pilates classes I learnt how to distribute the strength differently within my body. Not only did I stop injuring myself but I got so much stronger and more efficient with stretching my clients.

This was my ‘aha’ moment. The moment my love of Pilates was born.

I was so excited to learn this and I wanted everyone else to experience just how you can control your body when you move, so I went on to study Pilates.

I have taught thousands of Pilates classes since then and believe that it’s so important to know WHY you are doing each exercise within a class and not only HOW to do it. Knowing this is what makes all the difference in increasing your awareness and your overall understanding of movement, your body, and how they work together.

I have completed full training in the Pilates method on all apparatus, gained my Cert IV in Pilates, my full certification through Stott Pilates, as well as completing numerous courses and workshops through other Pilates training methods. This has kept my knowledge up to date and really expanded my understanding of how Pilates can be taught in different ways.

I look forward to revealing this in the classes I teach and continuing to educate you along your Pilates journey.

Kristy x

I'd love to hear about you!

I would love to hear more about your Pilates journey. Feel free to send me your story and how you were introduced to Pilates.

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Great class, although challenging, I loved the continual movement. Really got my heart rate up which is what i was wanting in a short amount of time! Thank you!


That was excellent. Thank you. I have tried other pilates workouts, but they seem to all have music imbedded into them and unwanted music/sound is the last thing I want when it is early morning/late night or when my children are also working along side of me.


Love this class!….I’m very out of shape with the glute work so had to stop stretch a couple times but very easy to join back in and keep going! Looking forward to doing it again next week and seeing if I’ve improved!


The ‘feel’ of the workout is just as important as the ‘moves’ and it was liberating not having music/sound take away from the relaxing of the workout. Thank you very much for your time and offering these classes.