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Discover what Pilates is all about here...

Pilates 101

for beginners of Pilates and those who want more out of their classes.

Pilates 101

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Pilates 101

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Start 24th Jan 2024

by the end of this course

you will...

Beginners Pilates classes focus on slower movements and fundamental exercises, but they don't take you back to the roots of Pilates to gain true understanding of the exercise. That's where this course begins."

Pilates 101

and not just a beginners Pilates class?

This 4 week course will teach you all you need to know to understand Pilates and how it can work for your body. We'll break it down, move consciously and make it easy to understand.
We also cover in detail the correct starting positions, breathing and the Pilates breath, and the correct way to activate your abdominals.
Understanding the basic lessons of Pilates will help you feel the connection and get the most out of your workouts and give you confidence to go on and join group classes.

The nitty-gritty...

Each week you will receive detailed Pilates information and guided Pilates workout based on our beginners focus for that week. By week 4 you will be ready for a full Pilates class, putting everything we've learned together and will feel confident to join in any group Pilates class.

Week 1: Starting at the Beginning

Week 2: Discover & Align

Week 3: Connect

How do we do Pilates? We talk about our whole core (it’s not just our abs!) and learn the correct technique to “switch on” our abdominals, back and bottom muscles.

Week 3: Our Whole Core focus


Week 4: Breath & Connection


Week 6: Move

After five weeks of our mini Pilates workouts, it’s time to put it all together into one big, 40 minute Pilates class (hint: you can still work at your own pace and do the class over two days!).


You'll also receive full membership & access to our
Online Studio Mat Pilates classes along with one of our recycled Pilates mats (RRP $130).
Kristy Moore and family

I want to tell you

how I discovered

I was introduced to it by a physio when I was working in London as a Personal Trainer. Part of my job required me to stretch between 5-10 clients everyday after taking them through their workout sessions. This took a toll on my body and lots of the smaller muscles started tearing. I wasn't 'using my core'.

At first this didn't make much sense to me but after I started doing Pilates classes regularly, I learnt how to distribute the strength differently within my body, reducing injuries and increasing my strength and efficiency.
This was AMAZING to me, I had a real 'A-HA' moment where everything came together and just made sense, thus my love of Pilates was born.
This is what I hope to give you with this course...that moment where it all just clicks and you really understand what Pilates is all about!

What you get in my

Pilates 101 course

The Pilates basics

We go back to basics to show you the roots of Pilates to gain a true understanding of the connection between movement and your body. Choose between Mat, Reformer or Pre/Postnatal versions.

Pilates knowledge

I will teach you everything I know that works from my 20 years experience teaching Pilates. This means you get some great information you wouldn't get in a Beginners Pilates class.

Scheduled lesson delivery

You will be given a new video every week, rather than all at once, so you aren't overwhelmed with the content. This allows you to take in all you are learning and apply it before moving on.

I've got your back

I'm with you the whole 4 weeks. This course is designed with limited places so I can be there for everyone. I'll always be on hand to answer any questions and help you.

Access to Online studio

Get instant membership to our Online Studio, (worth $28) including over 100 videos & all future updates! You can pick a class anytime and do it in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you.

Pilates Mat (RRP $130)

You'll get a complimentary Liberte Pilates mat, made from recycled plastic bottles, our mats are earth-friendly, machine-washable and soft under your hands and feet...the perfect space just for you!

This course is

perfect for you...

Pilates 101

Join us for
24th January 2024

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Pilates 101

course starts soon.

29th January 2024

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How does Pilates 101 work?

Our Pilates 101 course is the perfect place to start your Pilates journey or refresh your knowledge. It is an 6 week course offered at different times throughout the year. You are provided with information, step by step videos and access to the Online Studio, with over 100+ workouts, to increase your knowledge by starting at the beginning. Choose either Mat, Reformer or Pre/Post Natal versions.

When is the next Pilates 101 course?

To find out when the next Pilates 101 course is due to begin, see information on this page. We only offer this course a few times a year to ensure that we can provide one-on-one support to those who need it, so jump on the waitlist to avoid missing out.

I can't complete the program in 4 weeks

We encourage everyone to join in together over the 4 weeks as you will form your own Pilates community through our Facebook group, and have access to us for the entirety of the program. It's fun to work and learn together but you will always have lifetime access to the course content so you can still work at your own pace and in your own time. 

Do I have full access?

Absolutely. You will get full access to all the workouts and content, along with any updates and new content that become available over time.

Do I need equipment?

All you need is a Pilates mat and a device to access the online course content. (phone/tablet/laptop/smart TV). If you choose the Reformer version, you need your own Reformer and a device.

Is Pilates 101 program for Mat only?

Our Pilates 101 program offers three versions, one for Mat Pilates, one for Reformer Pilates and one for Pre/Post Natal. They do vary quite a lot in information so it's recommended that you do both if you own a Reformer.

I have injuries, can I still do the classes?

Yes. Although it depends on the nature of your injury. It's always advisable to seek clearance from your practitioner before engaging in any form of exercise after injury. Alternatively, you can email or call us and we will help you with your best options.

Do you offer refunds?

The purchase of your course gives you instant access to all the information and course content so we are unable to offer refunds. You are able to transfer your purchase to the next course date up until a week before the start of your course. 

Great class, although challenging, I loved the continual movement. Really got my heart rate up which is what i was wanting in a short amount of time! Thank you!"


That was excellent. Thank you. I have tried other pilates workouts, but they seem to all have music imbedded into them and unwanted music/sound is the last thing I want when it is early morning/late night or when my children are also working along side of me."


Love this class!….I’m very out of shape with the glute work so had to stop stretch a couple times but very easy to join back in and keep going! Looking forward to doing it again next week and seeing if I’ve improved!"


The ‘feel’ of the workout is just as important as the ‘moves’ and it was liberating not having music/sound take away from the relaxing of the workout. Thank you very much for your time and offering these classes."