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The feet you walk on are the very foundation of your posture so therefore a healthy foot is fundamental to good posture. Everything stems from our feet. They need to be strong and stable while being flexible and mobile at the same time. The best way to develop this is to be barefoot. For most of us though, shoes are placed on our feet from the time we take our first baby steps (generally with thick, rubber soles). They lift our feet away from the ground and block the sensory

It’s important for everyone to have strong Pelvic Floor muscles but post-baby is THE most important time in your life to pay attention to them.  One in three women suffer from some form of incontinence post-childbirth and if you have delivered even one baby with tearing, stitches, or instrumental delivery then you have a higher risk of developing pelvic floor problems. The Pelvic Floor muscles cover all the area between your sitting bones, coccyx (tail bone) and pubis (the bone at the front). It’s a sling (like a trampoline) that runs

Do you find yourself sitting all day? Here are three great Pilates exercises to do throughout the day when you find yourself sitting a lot. A great way to open up in the opposite direction and to create balance and length in the body. So, get up off your seat and try them now… Four Point Kneeling Superman Starting on all fours on your mat, think about engaging your abdominals first and centering yourself on the mat. Then carefully lift one leg and the opposite arm. As you lift, think about lengthening,

Why Pilates is essential…. Pilates is probably the most fundamental or “core” style of training around and has been around for the last 70 years. It is enjoying some renewed popularity right now, and for good reason, as it is the perfect form of movement for EVERY body. However, there is more to Pilates than just the promise of a "longer and leaner" body. The founder, Joseph Pilates, said himself that he was way ahead of his time with his unique approach to fitness training and overall wellbeing. His idea behind

Seven reasons why Pilates is a great exercise method for females AFTER pregnancy. It’s so important that females realise how imperative it is to look after their bodies after pregnancy and treat them well. It has just been on a marathon ride, changing, growing and working differently to what it is used to. It is only common sense to realise it will take a little while to return to what it once was. I’m not just talking visually. Some girls can walk out of the hospital not even looking as if

Seven reasons why Pilates is a great exercise method for females DURING pregnancy. Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise you can do during pregnancy. It “ticks all the boxes” (I really dislike that saying!) but it really does. It’s safe, low-impact, totally focuses on the exact areas you need to focus on and can be done for the duration of the pregnancy. Just in case you’re not completely sold, here are some further reasons as to why prenatal Pilates is so beneficial. It is: • A safe and effective way

Seven reasons why Pilates is a great exercise method for females PREPARING for pregnancy. We often hear that Pilates is a great form of exercise to do during pregnancy but it can also be a useful way to help prepare the body beforehand as it specifically focuses on building strength in the areas that can weaken with the load of pregnancy. The following list provides seven great reasons why we should use Pilates in preparation for pregnancy. It will help to: • Strengthen the body’s “core” to build a strong base before the

Strengthening the glutes. I often explain to clients during my classes that Glute (bottom muscles) strengthening exercises are one of THE most important things we can do for our bodies. When people come along to a Pilates class, they always want to work their “abs”. Our abdominals are only part of our core, not the whole thing. Our core refers to the core stabilising muscles of the Pelvis, Spine and Scapula and we want to focus on all of these areas to create balance within our bodies. In fact, if you